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Will your poultry be affected if you switch off the lights during the day?

Under tropical conditions and the type of housing where there is adequate natural light, farmers can put the lights off­ during the day. But poultry experts advise that lighting is very important in poultry production.

There are two types of lamps; the one used for brooding chicks (infrared bulb for heating) and the lighting lamp which provides light to the chicks. The lighting bulb should be kept on throughout the night and even in cloudy conditions because the chicks feed continuously.

The infrared bulb should be kept on throughout the night and even during the daytime depending on the climatic conditions under which the chicks are reared. For the sake of egg-laying hens, farmers should ensure that the light is kept for at least 16 hours in a day.

So lighting should be extended into the night for egg-laying and feeding. To save energy farmers should use LED bulbs which save energy and cost of lighting.

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