Kibra MP Ken Okoth will be cremated on Saturday, ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said.

Mr Sifuna said Friday that Okoth’s body will be interred in Nairobi at a private event.

On Friday, a Nairobi court adopted a consent signed by Monica Okoth, the wife of late Kibra MP, and Anne Thumbi, his lover, that unlocks the stalemate over the interment of the legislator.

In the consent, Ms Okoth and Ms Thumbi have agreed that a DNA test be undertaken to confirm the paternity of the latter’s son.

Okoth’s wish, according to his wife, was that his body be cremated, but the Luo Council of Elders were opposed to it.

His mother wanted the body buried in her home, and his father’s relatives said that is not possible under Luo custom, and that he should be buried near his father’s grave.

Mr Okoth’s wife, Monica, and his younger brother, were pushing for the cremation of the fallen MP’s body, while his mother Anjeline Ajwang’ and his elder brother wanted the body buried at her home in Kasewe, Kabondo Kasipul.

Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga, who was drawn into the controversy, said Mr Okoth’s body should be handed over to the family to determine its last rites.

This position is echoed by the Luo Council of Elders, through Mr Nyandiko Ongadi, who insisted that the burial arrangements must conform to the Luo culture, and that Okoth’s wife should not dictate the manner in which he should be given a send-off.

“Our culture requires the wives of our sons to automatically adopt Luo practices,” Mr Ongadi said, insisting that Mr Okoth’s wife, who is of European descent, should follow suit.

The Luo elder told political leaders involved in funeral arrangements to consult with the council, which he said was in talks with Okoth’s paternal family in Kochia, Homa Bay.