Lawyer Miguna Miguna has sued 25 top government officials for what he describes as them denying him his Kenyan citizenship.

They include Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, the Attorney General, Principal Secretary of the Directorate of Immigration and Registrations of Persons, Director of Criminal Investigations, Director of Public Prosecutions and Director of Immigration and Registration of Persons.

Miguna on Friday said he was a Kenyan-born citizen at the time he was deported and that at no point did he renounce his citizenship.

He added that he was a student leader at the University of Nairobi in 1987 and was subjected to torture in the same year for expressing his political opinions and engaged in lawful activities.

Miguna added that he did not voluntarily travel from Kenya to Canada and that he had never renounced his Kenyan citizenship.

He saud the government forcibly deported Miguna to Canada in February 2018, saying that he was issued a Kenyan passport unlawfully.

“At the time, Miguna was unlawfully issued a Kenyan passport he was working as an adviser to then Prime Minister Raila Odinga,” the government’s statement read.

The government explained that Miguna left Kenya in 1988 using travel documents.

It added that he was subsequently expelled from the university before fleeing into exile in Canada where he obtained citizenship.

Miguna rubbished the statement, saying that he fled into exile because of a genuine fear of persecution and he did not voluntarily travel from Kenya to Canada.

He said the 25 government officials jointly destroyed his Kenyan Passport and other property and removed him from Kenya without notice to him.

Miguna has added that he was physically assaulted, abducted and detained under cruel, inhumane and degrading conditions for six days at the Githunguri Police Station which breached his constitutional, legal and human rights.

He said  their actions have hindered him from working, earning a living and supporting his family.

Miguna said the violations and breaches of his rights and freedom have also denied him basic human dignity.