Residents of Lukhokhwe village in Bungoma’s Kimilili constituency were sent into panic after the body of a man who was working in Malawi was ferried back without a head. 

Geoffrey Wekesa Khaemba, 42, is said to have been involved in a road accident In Malawi.

“My husband was working with Exotank Transport Company. He left home on August 18 for work to Mombasa. The following day, he called me saying he was to transport some cargo to Malawi,” Susan Nasimiyu said on Monday. 

She added, “On August 21, I received a report from the company that he had been involved in a road accident and died on the spot.” 

Arrangements were made for the body to be transported back to Kenya. One week later, the body arrived at Namanga where it was picked by the company driver to be taken to Nairobi, the widow said. 

The wife of Geoffrey Wekesa Khaemba, Susan Nasimiyu with a relative at her home on September 9

DIED LAST MONTH: The wife of Geoffrey Wekesa Khaemba, Susan Nasimiyu with a relative at her home on September 9

Nasimiyu said the company management declined that they view the body while in Nairobi, insisting that they do it at home.

“We headed that night to the morgue in Kiminini arriving there at 7am and to our greatest shock when we unsealed the cargo, the body was lying in a casket with a missing head.” 

Nasimiyu said on inquiry, the driver of Asian origin said he was just given the cargo to deliver and knew nothing of its contents. 

There was no clear indication on the whereabouts of the head from the company either, Nasimiyu said. 

“To date, the company has gone silent on the matter. I won’t bury my husband without a head until the issue is unraveled,” the widow said.

Khaemba’s father Binon Wasefu Khaemba told said that they won’t bury the body until the matter is resolved.

“I want my son’s head back so that I can accord him a decent sendoff. Traditionally, we cannot bury a body with no head,” Wasefu said.

He appealed to well-wishers to assist him in financial aid for him to travel to Malawi to get his son’s head.

“More so we are squatters and have nowhere to bury my son.” 

The deceased’s mother Angelina Namaemba said Khaemba was her only son and asked for help contacting the Malawian government to get the head.