Intriguing and captivating are some of the words used to describe crime series and movies as the ways of criminals are unfolded by detectives solving cases.

Viewers admire the detectives for their intelligence in piecing out clues to pin down criminals.

Jane Wawira Mugo was that heroine, fighting criminals until she turned rogue and the DCI turned its focus to her, issuing a warrant for her arrest on Wednesday.

The DCI described Mugo as a serial criminal who has been involved in robbery with violence, impersonation and threatening to kill.  

In 2015, she was accused and charged with detaining a man for hours after forcing him to pay Sh440,000.

That same year, she was also accused of impersonating a Public Service employee when she stormed the office of the victim’s lawyer.

DCI further said that she is accused of abducting a Nairobi businessman and locking him up in her office at Baba Ndogo and forced him to pay a debt of Sh400,000.

It was also reported that on December 12, 2016, her employees, Isaac Ndirangu, Noreen Malala and Michael Gita robbed a man off Sh90,000 which he had withdrawn from a Bank after they had introduced themselves as Police Officers.

The employees were carrying a radio phone, handcuffs and a pistol and were charged with robbery.

 Last month, Wawira while at New Muthaiga Estate drew a pistol and threatened to kill a man on allegations that he was spying for a relative of the director in a company where she was the private investigator.

But before Mugo was involved in crime, she was somewhat of a heroine.

She is a private Investigator and runs a security company, Trimo Security Limited.

According to the company’s website, Mugo has served in various law enforcement bodies as an undercover agent.


According to the Trimo website, Mugo has worked extensively with NGOs, the public and conducted various training and high-level cases.

Apart from running a security company, she has also undergone a senior course at the DCI. She has also worked with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and also as an undercover agent.

Her company deals with private investigation, criminal and civil debt collection, under cover and security services.

For confidential meetings, you can only book an appointment with the office because it does not discuss potential cases on email or any social media platform.


Speaking to Business Daily, Mugo explained the reason she opted to run a security firm and not any other business is because of what her family went through.

“My family has gone through unbelievable injustices and my choice of business was motivated by my wish to find justice for others.”


Mugo went to Karoti Girls High School in Kirinyaga where she was also a head girl. 

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in criminology from Kenyatta University. 


Mugo has a son called Trypin Mugo.


In an interview with Daily Nation, she narrated how she was threatened and asked for her son’s blood.

“I was being trailed by some prominent people who were not happy with me investigating them on land fraud. They were using subscribers’ numbers to send me threatening messages, making it difficult to trace them,” she told the publication.

But even with the threats and getting scared for her life,  Mugo said she developed a thick skin.

However, Mugo has turned from a hunter to being the hunted criminal.