Hospitals have been turning away senior citizens who were automatically registered under the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Inua Jamii 70+ programme.

Senior citizens who were promised free NHIF Super cover, which pays up to 80 per cent of a member’s medical bills, including for CT scans, surgery, blood transfusion and treatment for fractures, have for the last three months been unable to access any of the free services.

The 523,000 beneficiaries have complained of frustrations since the launch of the cash transfer programme last year.

Prof Karega Munene has been paying for his mother’s treatment since August. “She went to a facility in Nakuru and was told money has never been sent to cover her medical services,” said Prof Munene.

Another patient in Nairobi, Mr Peter Njenga, said when he first needed cataract surgery three months ago he had to dig deep in his pockets because NHIF did not pay a single cent, including the outpatient services.

Via Nation