When one buys a decoder for the first time, there is usually an amazing feeling and excitement. Not until they meet Startimes TV. Your favorite programs will keep disappearing everyday. If you try calling their customer care all they keep saying is that they are working on it and seemingly, their work never comes to any positive conclusion.

Startimes customers are usually the most frustrated of all the TV services in Kenya. Just recently, NatGeo Wild and Fox, some of the most watched channels disappeared from decoders all over the country. Imagine making that crucial sacrifice of your Ksh 749 on classic bouquet for your favorite channel only to find it not showing in the channel list. That is the experience that you will get with Startimes.

If you accidentally pay your subscription to a wrong account, trying to reverse the transaction is a total nightmare. Frantic calls to their customer care will be a total waste of your precious airtime. They will keep lying to you telling you to wait for 24 hours every time and nothing will come out of that. My recent experience was so traumatizing, especially after I borrowed money just to pay my subscription. I would totally not recommend anyone to purchase Startimes TV. Please look any other way if you need an amazing and smooth experience of pay tv. Below are the reviews fro their Facebook page that will tell you how dissatisfied customers are with Startimes TV.

From the screenshot above, you definitely will realize that my allegations are valid. please make your choice wisely.