It’s hard to miss the ever-growing number of articles surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus, yet, disturbingly, there is a large number of people who still seem to be rather confused about the subject. 

Google search trends unearthed statistics showing that a high number of seemingly confused people have looked up what the “corona beer virus” is. 

Just to be crystal clear, there is zero relation between the Corona beer and the rapidly-spreading coronavirus.

Coronavirus Google search increased by 1,050%

Even though certain doctors claim that “one beer a day keeps the doctor away,” that’s truly not the case when it comes to the deadly coronavirus.

Luckily for most of us, Google is here to save the day. People around the world rapidly type questions into the search engine in an attempt to gather information or quell worrying questions that come to their minds. 

With the news of the coronavirus going viral, in all senses of the term, Google searches on the matter went up by 1,050% compared to the week before, according to a GoogleTrends Twitter post on Tuesday.

It’s fantastic to see people gathering knowledge and being inquisitive about such a prevalent issue. However, it becomes rapidly much less exciting when you realize that many of these searches involved questions that included the words “corona beer virus.” 

Clearly, the virus has people very, very confused. Corona beer even had to post on their Instagram to explain to people they aren’t spreading the virus:

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The searches have been prevalent in North America (unsurprisingly not in Mexico, where the Corona beer is produced), and Western Europe (“cough” Finland “cough”), with smatterings in Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and New Zealand.