The government has urged Kenyans to maintain a healthy diet as the country fights to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Agriculture CAS, Ann Nyaga on Friday said healthy eating ensures patients recover quickly if infected.

“Covid-19 has called to our attention the general state of our homes and especially that of our kitchens. We call upon Kenyans to take a proactive approach to radically changing our lifestyles to adopt healthier diets,” she said during the daily Covid-19 presser on Friday.

To facilitate this, the government has launched a campaign where one million households will be facilitated to set up kitchen vegetable gardens.

The project will be beneficial for both rural and urban dwellers in all the 47 counties, Nyaga said.

According to Nyaga, households will be provided with simple kits to set up the gardens.

“With the support of the county governments, we will be distributing the kitchen garden starter kits to assist the most vulnerable households who are willing to adopt these through our programme called National Inclusive Growth project,” she said.

 In Mombasa and Nairobi, the government will partner with the ministries of Interior to distribute the kits through the Nyumba Kumi platform and also through the social safety net platform.

“We call upon the more able households to take up this initiative and these guidelines to set up gardens in their balconies within their estates and their home gardens and compounds,” she said.

Already, more than 200,000 starter kits have been contributed by the private sector.